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The Chronicle chronicles

Just this last week I had the chance to see the amazing film Chronicle.  I gave it a good write up here on my site, and since that time we have learned that the director, Josh Trank, is in negotiations for the Venom film.  Chronicle is still in theaters and racking up cash.

Now, via Deadline, Max Landis (son of comedy/horror great John Landis) has been hired to write a sequel to the film.  I am kind of torn by this idea.  While Chronicle is a great film and the ending was vague enough to leave room for a sequel, I’m not 100 % sold on the idea.  Not every movie out there needs a sequel.  Look at the Paranormal Activity series.  Should have stopped after the first one.

Time will tell.  What say you?  Good or bad?  Let me know below.


3 thoughts on “The Chronicle chronicles

  1. I loved Chronicle, I think the beauty of it was the development of the Characters, so I can’t see how a sequel would work.

    Though it’s hard to judge something that doesn’t exist yet, would be interesting to hear a proposed synopsis but i’m guessing they’re not anywhere near that stage yet.

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