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Knight and Day (2010) DVD review

When car restorer June (Cameron Diaz) runs into Roy (Tom Cruise) in an airport, then on the plane, she finds that she got more than she bargained for, when Roy turns out to be a spy on the run (and is possibly crazy).

Knight and Day is an action/spy/romantic thriller, with it’s tongue planted firmly in cheek.  While it is no where near James Bond quality, it is an entertaining ride with some spectacular (CGI enhanced) action sequences.

Directed by James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line) the film stumbles a bit in its comedic approach to telling the story.  While there are some incredibly funny bits sprinkled throughout (“If anyone follows us, I’m gonna kill myself, then I’m gonna kill her!” paraphrase), it actually makes the story seem unfocused, like it is trying to do too much with too little.  There is a great comedy in here, there is a great spy film in here, and there is a great action film in here.  Unfortunately, they spread themselves too thin by trying to focus on all three, and the film never lives up to the sum of its parts.  By focusing on one of the three, they could have made a great film.  Instead what we have here is an entertaining but forgettable film.

There is a phenomenal scene in this film, though, when Roy drugs June to get her to calm down.  She passes out and keeps waking up in the middle of action.  The scene is shown through her eyes, so you see what she sees;  it is entertaining and stylish and original.  While most of this movie is somewhat forgettable, this scene steals the entire show.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz each have charisma to spare, so obviously they are very likable in this film.  They also have a very good chemistry onscreen, and you do believe that they could be in this crazy situation together and believe that June would be enamored by Roy and vise versa.

Is this a great film?  No.  Is it entertaining? Yes.  Will you remember it tomorrow?  Probably not.  For example, I saw this in the theater.  When I popped it in the day before yesterday specifically for this review, I payed a lot of attention.  Today, as I write this review, I find that I am having problems remembering what the film was actually about.

I suppose this is a big problem, but doesn’t actually decrease the enjoyment factor of this movie.  It is entertaining.  Like I said, this film is just too unfocused.  Instead of focusing on the plot and the motivations of the characters, they focused on throwing the kitchen sink in.

If you are looking for a film that will not tax your brain and will keep you entertained, this is that film. This is the equivalent of Chinese food.  It is so good when you are eating it and fills you up, but an hour later you want something more.

Movie ** out of ****


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