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EXCLUSIVE! Interview with Davey Suicide!

Davey Suicide is set to unleash his assault upon the unsuspecting masses.  Their first studio release, Davey Suicide, is set to drop this summer.  Mr. Suicide was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

1. First off, I’d like to state for the record that I am a huge metal fan.  Machine Head, Marilyn Manson, Fear Factory, and Rob Zombie all get gratuitous amounts of time in my CD player (yes, I still have one).  What are some of your influences musically from the different eras of rock?  Let’s say ’60’s, ’70’s, ’80’s, ’90’s, ’00’s.  Let’s have some band names, and maybe fave tracks.

 60’ the Stones, “Can’t Always get what you want” and “I can’t get no Satisfaction.”
70’s the Doors, Pink Floyd and Queen were my favorites.  Dark Side of the Moon is one of my favorite Floyd albums. “Show Must Go On” is my favorite Queen track but that was from the early 90’s however the “News of the World” album hooked me as a fan and that was a late 70’s release.
80’s I loved Aersosmith, Metallica and Ozzy but no band connected to me more than Guns N Roses.  “Rocket Queen”,  “Patience”, “It’s So Easy” and “Nighttrain” still hold strong as some of my favorite vintage Guns.
90’s The early 90’s was about Pantera & Faith No More for me. “Cemetary Gates” and “The Sleep” on the Cowboys from Hell album were among my favorites while  The Real Thing by Faith No More was “Epic.” The late 90’s started my love for Manson with Mechanical Animals.
00’s A little hell raiser named Eminem owed the 2000’s along with Manson for me.  The Marshall Mathers EP had so much power behind it with tracks like “Kim”  “Kill You”,  “The Way I Am” and “Stan.”  My favorite Manson albums also came out in the 2000’s like Holy Wood and The Golden Age of Grotesque.

2.  After watching the video for Generation Fuck Star, I noticed that there is a lot of symbolism in the video.  While I’m not sure that is your actual stage setup, can you explain some of the symbolism to the setup?  Maybe some of the messages you want to get through to your fans?

The Cross Your Heart on the pulpit symbolizes second chances.  If I didn’t have second chances in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  That was the main symbolism throughout the video.

3.  Another thing I noticed in the video beginnings is the image of a crow flying through the background.  Is this a reference to the brilliant 1994 film ‘The Crow’?  Sorry, I love that film and so want you to say yes it is.  If it actually is, was that film an influence on the style of the band and the sound?

I like the symbolism of the Crow “awakening the dead” because it ties into the message of the song in a way but it was a lucky moment that we happened to catch on film and had to use the shot.

4.  Speaking of film, and my website is mostly devoted to film, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask about your fave films.  Clearly there is a horror element at work in your image and music, but what about other films?  Which films do you dig of genres other than horror, but not necessarily influence your music?  What are some of your horror influences?

I love the SAW series and I have Jigsaw tattoo.  The Life of David Gale, The Devil’s Rejects, Silence of the Lambs, and American History X were some of my favorites too.  While I love horror movies, I tend to be captivated by psychological thrillers a hair more.

5.  You have stated in interviews that you were influenced and inspired by Axl Rose, Marilyn Manson, and Eminem.  What is it about Axl Rose that inspires you?  Eminem?  Marilyn Manson?  Are they still inspirations/influences or do you feel that they have lost their edge and relatability in this age of Papa Roach and Nickleback?  By the way, I HATE those two bands, so if you have any venomous fury towards them, as I clearly do, feel free to fire at will.  I will chuckle.  And highlight this section of the interview for easy access.  And chuckle again.

I loved Axl, Manson and Eminem in the prime.  I still feel like Eminem is putting out great material though.  Recovery is one of my top 3 Eminem albums.  What I love about all of them is how they made the industry follow their lead.  They didn’t write to fit a mold, they just were and people gravitated to them.  That’s how I have lived my whole life and there is something to be said about sticking to your guns.

6.  In other interviews, I have read small comments that I interpret as a disdain or dislike for religion.  This was a strong message in Marilyn Manson’s early works.  Don’t follow the church just because they say you have to.  Think for yourself.  Do you prescribe to this belief and message?  That all men are created equal, not equal because of the church they follow?  Do you think in this age after 9-11 that this message has more relevance now than it did prior to 9-11?

I think religion tries to relinquish the inner power that every person has within themselves to a “faith.” Strength is mental and if you believe you need someone or something else to make it through then you are shortchanging yourself.

7.  In this era of shit rock n roll (Nickleback, Papa Roach, etc. etc.) how would you feel being played on rock n roll radio between the two of them?  Would it incite fury, or just be cool to be on the radio?

It would make me happy because music fans would be getting a breath of fresh air and I don’t want them to suffocate.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Davey Suicide for taking the time to answer my questions.  I really appreciate it.  If you are a metal fan, keep you eye out for Davey Suicide, due out this summer.  Keep your eyes peeled.  I will have an album review in the near future.


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