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The chronicle of a Noise Revolution- part 3

5. Davey Suicide

After returning the phone call outside the club, I returned to my loft in the balcony.  One of the things you need to understand about Club Fever is that it is not a big place.  It will hold maybe 1000 people.  This isn’t a huge city venue like you find in Chicago.  It is pretty tiny, which is why we don’t get a lot of big names on the band circuit coming through the city.  So, my position on the balcony was ideal.  It was closed off from the general public, I had a straight view of the stage, and I really wasn’t that far away; I wouldn’t have to use excessive zoom in the concert lighting.

Not long after I returned to my perch, Davey Suicide came out on stage.  After a few minutes trying to get everything set up right, they were off.

I have to say, that Davey Suicide is an exciting band.  They are extremely high energy, and it transfers to the audience.  In full shock rock regalia, they are the epitome of what a glam/shock rock outfit should be.  The band is tight, and using video to supplement their show, they are a band to see live if you ever get a chance.  Sadly, the lighting left a little to be desired in my attempts to take good photos.  They were almost continuously lit from behind, which makes for some good shadow shots, but not so good for a good look at them as they rock.

Much to my chagrin, and Davey’s as I would soon learn, their set was cut short.  And which song got cut?  Generation F*#k Star, the one song that people may know from the video on Youtube.

6. Interview Part 2

After Davey’s set was finished, my friend and I decided to step outside for awhile.  It didn’t seem like the club had the air conditioning on that night, and it was super hot and stuffy in the whole place, not just the balcony.  I shot Davey a text to see if he wanted to finish the interview or not.  When I received no reply for a few minutes, my friend and I went back into the club to catch the next band on the bill, Prong.

As Prong was just starting their set, I noticed Davey walking through the crowd.  Leaving my friend with the camera, I met up with him at the merch booth.  We stepped outside to finish the interview.  This was a little more difficult now that they had played.  Now people knew who he was and were constantly stepping up to talk to him.  Ah, the pleasures of fame.  Random strangers stopping to gawk and talk.  (Of course, I did the same thing with the guy from 9 Electric . . .).

Alright, so what did we have on your setlist?

Unholywood Killafornia is what we opened with, Grab a Gun and Hide Your Morals was second, Kids in America was third, Hustler Queen fourth, Sick Suicide fifth, and Godhead Killer was sixth.  Generation was supposed to be seventh, but we got cut a little bit short.

I was diggin’ it.  I could see a little bit of the Axl Rose in there.

I love Axl.

Yeah, I caught a couple of the little moves in there.  I’m not sure how many people caught that, but I’m an old school rock fan as well.

Eminem, Axl, and Manson are my three favorites.  That’s where I think we stand apart from Zombie and Manson is that we have more of an ’80’s scene goin’ on.  We have an industrial side, but we also have a sleazy, dirty side.

Do you get into a more straightforward metal?  I’m thinking Machine Head, I’d say Fear Factory but they have the techno/industrial mix in there as well.  You know?  Some of the Roadrunner stuff?  Slipknot?

We like Slipknot.  We like Slayer.  We’re all big Pantera fans.  There’s a Baltimore band called Nothingface.  Yeah, those are probably the main ones.

Do you listen to anything older?  Prior to the ’80’s?

You mean like The Doors, Floyd, Queen?   The Doors, Pink Floyd, and Queen are my favorite ’70’s bands.

Do you ever listen to any Alice Cooper?

I’ve never really gotten hugely into him.  I like his antics, you know?  I like Bowie’s songs better than Cooper’s songs.  I appreciate everything Alice has done, but you’d think I’d be more into him for what we’re doing.  I like Jim Morrison and Bowie better than Cooper, so . . .Don’t get mad at me.

I’m not gonna get mad at you.  I don’t have a Cooper tat.

I think the magic will happen once the album comes out.  I see my favorite bands and when they play new songs, I lose interest.  It’s hard to keep people’s attention, especially when they don’t know your music.

Well, I think that the high energy helps a lot.

People, they recognize passion.  I think all of us have that for our music.  This is our life.  It translates.  Even if you don’t like it, you can sense it.  I’m big into imperfection, man.  The things that are wrong with people are sometimes the most beautiful.  Everyone should just accept that the things that are wrong with people makes them special.

I wholeheartedly agree with that.  You were touring with Wednesday 13?  I’ve heard of them, but haven’t heard them.  They are more goth, aren’t they?

They are actually closer to what we are.  Wednesday was a member of MurderDolls.  MurderDolls had Joey from Slipknot on guitar.  MurderDolls and Slipknot broke about the same time.  Slipknot exploded so Joey did that.  MurderDolls was backset, so eventually Wednesday said I’m gonna do my own thing.

At this point, he said he saw my Metallica tat from Live Shit: Binge and Purge, which led us down the road to discussing Metallica and some other bands at length.  He did state that Ride the Lightning through the black album was his favorite Metallica era, but lost interest after that.  We talked for a few minutes after that, but mainly about bands.  Then Prong finished their set, and he had to move off to the merch booth to sign some autographs and meet the fans.

At this point, I went to the merch booth, got his autograph (geek flag, remember?) and then proceeded to meet back up with my friend.  He had the camera, but didn’t take a single photo of Prong.  Obviously, I can’t say much about Prong because I missed their entire set while I was talking to Davey.

7. Static-X

Soon thereafter, Static-X took the stage.  I had seen Static-X one time before on Ozzfest and knew that we were in for a treat.  Wayne and company came out and set the crowd on fire.  Opening with Wisconsin Death Trip, and ending with Get to the Gone, they played everything in between that you would expect.  The Only. Push it. Love Dump.  Loser.  They played them all.  Not to mention that they had a scantily clad go go dancer on stage at times.  How can you go wrong?

Well, that’s about it for The chronicle of a Noise Revolution.  See my next post, The chronicle of a Noise Revolution Static-X photos for a gallery of the photos that I couldn’t post here.


7 thoughts on “The chronicle of a Noise Revolution- part 3

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  2. “I’m big into imperfection, man. The things that are wrong with people are sometimes the most beautiful. Everyone should just accept that the things that are wrong with people makes them special.” -LOVE IT! Nice pics too, man. I have a hard time with action shots and lighting like that – you certainly did well considering your conditions. 🙂

    • Thank you very much. If I could have used flash I would have tried to get a little closer and attempt different shots.

      I think they came out well, well, some of them. lol

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