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Good news of the day: Kristen Stewart out of Snow White and the Huntsman sequel

If there’s one thing I will make no bones about, it’s that I don’t feel that Kristen Stewart is a good actress.  In fact, she is a blight upon modern cinema.  She could make a Christopher Nolan film suck.  She has no charisma, isn’t that attractive, and cannot act.  In fact, the only actor I like less than her is Channing Tatum.

So, when this news broke, I was excited.  While I didn’t hate SWATH, I sure as hell didn’t like it very much.  It was one of those films that I had forgotten I’d seen until this article popped up.  Then, after this news broke, I started thinking about the film again and how much I dislike Stewart.  Anyway, on the the news story:

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Stewart was out of the proposed sequel, and that the sequel would focus on Chris Hemsworth‘s character of The Huntsman.  While this could possibly be due to the Stewart/Rupert Sanders (the director) affair, this isn’t a gossip column and I am not going to speculate on that.  All I can say is that this is good news.  Now if only they would drop Sanders, completely retool the movie, and not make another one, all would be well with the world.

*Note* This will probably be the only time in history that the words Kristen Stewart, Channing Tatum, and Christopher Nolan will be used in the same sentence.  One of the three has talent and deserves to be where he is.  The other two . . .not so much.


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