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Slipknot frontman writing book about ghosts

Yes, this baby face is the lead singer of Slipknot . . .

Corey Taylor, frontman for Slipknot and Stone Sour, is one of the busiest guys on the planet.  Between touring with Slipknot, writing a book, recording and then touring with Stone Sour, he has somehow found a way to write a second book.

During an interview with Minneapolis radio station 93x, he had this to say:

“I’m working on book two right now. It’s gonna be really cool. I’m about, I’d say, a quarter of the way through it, which is good, because I don’t have to turn it in until November. The working title right now is ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven’ and it’s basically my experiences with the paranormal, and ghost sightings, and occurrences, and I’ve had a lot, enough that I’m writing a damn book about it.

It’s probably gonna stir up some pretty good beef with certain people, but I don’t really care.

It’s about how can I believe in ghosts, and not in God? So it’s a very interesting conversation.  And that’s kind of what I wanted to do with ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, was start a conversation and get people thinking about it. Because the stuff that interests me is the stuff that nobody talks about. And I have the weirdest ideas pop into my head, and there’s nobody there to talk about it with. So this is the perfect way for me to kind of start a conversation with a lot of people.”

“Certain chapters will be specifically about the experiences that I’ve had in certain houses and whatnot, one of which is the mansion in L.A. where we recorded ‘Vol. 3′ album, and just kind of my take on the whole religion thing. So that’s probably gonna get me in some deep hotwater, but I’m so used to it by now, it’s not even funny.”

This should be interesting.  More info as it become known.

Thanks to Metal Injection for the transcription and original story.


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