5. Davey Suicide

After returning the phone call outside the club, I returned to my loft in the balcony.  One of the things you need to understand about Club Fever is that it is not a big place.  It will hold maybe 1000 people.  This isn’t a huge city venue like you find in Chicago.  It is pretty tiny, which is why we don’t get a lot of big names on the band circuit coming through the city.  So, my position on the balcony was ideal.  It was closed off from the general public, I had a straight view of the stage, and I really wasn’t that far away; I wouldn’t have to use excessive zoom in the concert lighting.

Not long after I returned to my perch, Davey Suicide came out on stage.  After a few minutes trying to get everything set up right, they were off.

I have…

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