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In memoriam: Freddie Mercury

Born Farrokh Bulsara on September 5, 1946 in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Died November 21, 1991.

Rock stars can be a flamboyant bunch and none was ever more so than Freddie Mercury.  As the lead vocalist and lyricist of the band Queen, Freddie is known for his amazing vocals and flamboyant stage personality and dress.  In 2008, Rolling Stone ranked him number 18 on their list of greatest singers of all time.

I have been a Queen fan for as long as I can remember.  With their blending of rock and roll and operatic overtones, there simply never was or will be another band like them.    Their signature musical sound was complemented by the wide vocal range of Freddie Mercury, and they have created some of the most memorable songs ever written.  Freddie has been missed since his death of AIDS and will continue to be missed.  Let’s all take a moment to remember Freddie and rock out to some Queen in memorial.

*NOTE*  The video below contains the Greatest Hits videos of Queen.  If you want to move to the next video, just click the ‘next’ button located near the ‘play’ button.



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