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BEST COVER SONG EVER!!! Bobaflex “The Sound of Silence” video

Ok, peoples.  I have heard a lot of cover songs in my day ranging from the great (Type O Negative‘s cover of Seals and Crofts Summer Breeze) to the purely terrible (Godsmack’s cover of Mountain’s Mississippi Queen).  I honestly thought that no cover could possibly be better than Type O Negative’s Summer Breeze or Green Jelly‘s Anarchy in the UK.  I have been proven wrong by a band I have never heard prior ( I had heard of them, though, just never heard anything they had done).

Here is the video for The Sound of Silence, a cover of the Simon and Garfunkel classic.  Have a watch and listen:

This and the Mommas and the Papas California Dreamin’ are two of the creepiest songs I have ever heard.  I think Bobaflex payed tribute to Simon and Garfunkel while updating a classic song for a new generation.  This is simply a stellar cover.  What do you think?

Check out Loudwire, where I learned about this.


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