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Bizzam!! Movie News Halloween Horror Celebration

Hey there, folks.  I want to formally invite you all to watch my site for the month of October.  I am going to attempt to do something very different for the ENTIRE month of October and only watch and review horror or horror themed films in anticipation of the upcoming Halloween holiday.

I will be revisiting some of my favorite horror films, Halloween themed comedies, and a video game or two.  I will also be watching some films I haven’t seen yet but have wanted to watch for quite awhile.  There may also be a documentary review or two mixed into the proceedings.

While the Movie Ruminations will remain the same (how can I just report on horror stories?), I am going to attempt this monumental feat starting tomorrow, October 1.  This attempt will run the ENTIRE month of October, starting the 1st through the 31st.

So join me, will you, to celebrate this most underrated holiday and have some fun.  You may learn of a film or two that you didn’t know about or you may find yourself wishing to revisit a classic.  Let’s have some fun!

On that note, I would like to send a thank you out to all of my readers and followers.  I have crossed the 10,000 views barrier.  From the site’s inception in mid-February, you all have made this worthwhile.  Your support and views on my pages have made this site something special to me and, I hope, to all of you as well.  Keep coming back, commenting, and spreading the word.  YOU are the ones who have made all of this possible!  Sincerely, thank you!


p.s.  The first film out of the gate tomorrow is The Cabin in the Woods Blu-Ray review.  I have reviewed the film previously, but only in non-spoiler mode.  The Blu-Ray review will be spoiler filled!


4 thoughts on “Bizzam!! Movie News Halloween Horror Celebration

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