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The award for worst poster EVER goes to . . .

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2!!  Yes, this is perhaps the worst poster I have ever seen . . .even worse than Silent Hill: Revelation 3Dand that’s saying a lot . . .  Have a look below, but be prepared to be underwhelmed for the poster to a thoroughly underwhelming series.

I’m sorry but I’ve not enjoyed this series of films at all.  They are all terrible with slight moments of a thought of greatness.  These could have been amazing films.  Kristen Stewart is just a charisma leech.  She has none so she leeches it out of her supporting cast . . .It’s sad really.  With a great cast and writers and less studio interference, the Twilight films could have been great.  Instead, we get bad acting, horrible writing, and a near-incomprehensible story.

With that being said, I will probably end up seeing this.  I have to see how badly they destroy this ending.  This series has been a train wreck from inception.

GO, TEAM JACOB!  Oh, wait, we’re past that, aren’t we?

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2 opens November 16, 2012.  And then it’s over, thankfully.



7 thoughts on “The award for worst poster EVER goes to . . .

  1. It’s nothing special but it sums up the last book pretty well – why do you hate it so? 😉 I read the books (don’t judge – I know they’re terrible but sometimes one gets tired of reading good stuff and wants something mindless, *giggles*) and have seen the movies and yeah, they aren’t wonderful either but at least they followed the books pretty closely…This is supposed to have an entirely different ending from the book though – prepare for massive Twihard rage if it sucks.

    • Sadly, Twihards aren’t interested in a quality film. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be Twihards and there wouldn’t be more than one film. So I see no raging teenage girls in our future.

      I haven’t read the books (I refuse to call them novels) but the love story in the films falls flat to me. I have seen all the films (thank you ex-wife), and I just feel there is no chemistry between Pattinson and the dead eye stare of Kristen Stewart.

      As I said, I feel there are great films here. They would just need to be made without studio interference, great directors (which have been squandered here), and great scripts. It could be done, and they could be great. Instead, they settle for low to middling films and the dollars of teenage girls who think “The Nose” Lautner and “The Caterpillar Eyebrow” Pattinson are hot.

      • They’re not interested in a quality film but if those studio execs have messed up their beloved Twilight “perfect” ending they will definitely rage. Did you see what happened when RPatz and KStew broke up? 😉

        Heh, yeah, it’s not a love story, it’s a story of misogyny and abuse. It’s a terrible message to send to young girls.

        Haha @ “Caterpillar Eyebrow”!

      • I have just never seen someone so depressive as Kristen Stewart. The girl couldn’t play happy if her life depended on it. Her piss poor acting ruined Snow White and the Huntsman (and her affair with the director ruined Caterpillar Eyebrow).

        Honestly, I don’t have an issue with RPatz or Taylor Lautner. Kristen Stewart and weak scripts and poor direction (studio interference) make the films not work at all. The two male leads try their hardest. Stewart just depresso-modes her way through the films.

        I honestly don’t see the fascination. If I could buy the love story between Edward and Bella, I could forgive some of the films shortcomings. But it’s not believable. If I want to see a believable vampire/human love story, I’ll rewatch Buffy.

        Explain the misogyny and abuse angle, if you would be so kind. I never picked up on that. . . . You have me intrigued, Ms. Misty. . .

      • The thing I’ve noticed about Kstew is that she’s a helluva lot better in indie films. I’ve actually seen her smile in some of those films. She’s not the best actress in the world but she’s also not the worst (IMO).

        Yay Buffy!!!

        Edward is controlling and emotionally abusive (this may come out more in the books and certainly not everyone thinks this but there’s quite a few people who do) – he says “jump”, she says “how high?”. He goes “I can’t be with you.” “I love you forever.” “Fuck you, I’m leaving because it’s for your own good.” “I’m back because it’s good for me.” and so on and so forth. Bella starts dating him and everything revolves around him. She even starts hanging with her friends and father less. She’s obsessed with him – she freaking throws herself off a cliff when he leaves her for “her own good” (which was his decision/proclamation, not something that was a mutual thing as so often happens in relationships). It’s a clear cycle of abuse and obsession with the male firmly in charge. I think the only counterpoint to this is Edward caving to making her a vampire (although in the end it’s the whole baby thing that cements it). Plus you’ve got the whole abstinence/no sex thing (don’t get me wrong – I think abstinence is a good thing to teach AS LONG AS safe sex is also taught and I think a heck of a lot more people would be better off practicing abstinence) but even that’s twisted because again it’s Edward making Bella’s decision for her to “protect her”.

        I dunno. I just think that if I had a tween daughter I wouldn’t want her thinking it’s okay to have a guy make all the decisions for you or that you can’t live if the person you like/love leaves.

        Also sorry if anything here doesn’t make sense. I have a cold and it is late and I really don’t know why I’m up still, lol. 😉

      • No, that does make sense. I just never looked at it like that. I always had the viewpoint that Bella is a constantly depressed person, and of course, she picks the depressed ‘woe is me’ vampire type instead of Jacob who actually might be good for her. Jacob makes her laugh and clearly loves her, as opposed to Edward who is constantly worrying about everything and depressed most of the time and half the time seems to be with her just so Jacob can’t be.

        I have seen Kristen Stewart act, once. She was great in The Runaways. Which is why I hate her so much. I know she can act. I’ve seen it! So why doesn’t she? She’s not so pretty that she can just slide by on her looks, but she acts like she can . . .She frustrates me to no end, and Snow White and the Huntsman cemented it for me.

      • True dat on picking Edward over Jacob – Bella definitely had the “woe is me” vibe going and chose the harder route.

        Yes, The Runaways was AWESOME! I don’t know why she doesn’t…but I’m thinking On the Road is gonna be awesome too.

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