Video Game Ruminations

Microsoft finally ditching Microsoft Points? It’s about time . . .

After years of trying to figure out the exact cost of something through the Xbox 360, it appears that Microsoft may finally be ditching the goofy Microsoft Points system.  Microsoft Points, or MS Points, have been a thorn in the side of 360 gamers everywhere since the launch of the 360.  Microsoft implemented the system to avoid credit card fees, but only served to confuse math-impaired gamers the world over.  At 80 MS Points per dollar, the conversion process to real world money was a pain in the butt.  (Well, it technically still is a pain; they haven’t done away with the points yet.)

A report on The Verge via IGN states that purchasing content from the Xbox 360 video store now converts to a credit card transaction as opposed to a MS Points transaction.

Hopefully, when we get the Dashboard update later this month (which incorporates Windows 8 into the Xbox 360), we will see the end of MS Points.

While I am not a math-impaired gamer, I have always thought the MS Points system was fairly silly.  80 points per dollar?  How is that even remotely user friendly?  I can see using a points system, but for the love of Pete do it at 100 points per dollar, for then every point is a penny.  That just seems too simple, though, doesn’t it?


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