Norman (voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee), an 11 year old who can see and speak to ghosts, discovers that it is his destiny to stop the curse of a 300-years dead witch.

Utilizing stop-motion and computer generated animation, ParaNorman is a thrilling, funny, and smart children’s zombie/ghost film.  I thoroughly loved every second of this film, and if you are a horror film fan, you will too.  There is sheer joy at watching the story unfold on the screen as Norman and his rag tag group of “friends” confront the witch and her zombie menace.

We are introduced to Norman as he is speaking to his grandmother.  We soon discover that his grandmother is dead and that only he can see and hear her.  Of course, this brings him a lot of grief from his parents and sister and all the kids at school.  None of them believe him…

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