Constantine (2005)

Note: This is a single blu-ray package, but seeing as it is a 3 movie set, I figured I would review each movie individually.  In Part 3, I will also give a complete set rundown.

John Constantine is a man cursed with the gift to see the forces of Heaven and Hell here on Earth.  When Angela’s twin sister commits suicide, he is drawn into a war that has been going on for eons.

Constantine is a very interesting film.  It straddles the line of greatness while playing things safe, and as such, never achieves as much as it should have.  While it toys with ideas and concepts of Heaven and Hell, it never dives deep enough to become truly fascinating.  Instead it focuses on Constantine himself, played by Keanu Reeves, so you never get a feeling of something much bigger than the world they live in, let…

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