Movie Trailers

“The darkness is coming . . .it’s safer to be inside.” Silent Hill: Revelation 3D final trailer

Here is the final trailer for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, opening on October 26, 2012, just in time for Halloween!  NOW WITH MORE SEAN BEAN!  See?  I told you guys he was in it . . .nobody believed me . . .So take that, you purse grubbing pukes (everyone needs a little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference to brighten the day)!

This is a decent trailer, but could really, really, really do without voice-over guy.  I really don’t think anyone going to see this has been wondering what had happened in the six years since the first film.  I think they want to see another horror film for Halloween, and an R rated one at that.  Have a look at the trailer:

I think this may do ok this weekend, but I highly doubt it’ll scare up (pun absolutely intended) much business.  I do want to see it though.  I like the director, and I liked the first film, and I like Sean Bean (who doesn’t?).


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