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First footage from World War Z

Hey, folks.  Here we have the first footage of World War Z, a big budget, Brad Pitt starring zombie film based on the amazing and acclaimed novel of the same name, written by Max Brooks.  Of course, this is taken from Entertainment Tonight, so they don’t shut up while it’s playing.  It does state that the trailer will be released on Thursday, though, so then we can see it without announcer chic.  Anyway, have a look:

I am very curious about this film.  I am a huge Brad Pitt fan, but the film had to go through extensive re-shoots (seven weeks of them, actually), and the ending was completely re-written.  This film could be a disaster . . .but here’s to hoping it’s not.

Originally scheduled to open this holiday season (why?), it has obviously been pushed back til next year.  Stay tuned, as I will have the full trailer up on Thursday.


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