Movie Trailers

“Tell the kids I’m comin’ back.” World War Z trailer

Here we have the trailer for World War Z, based upon the novel by Max Brooks.  From this trailer, it seems that only the name is the same.  There is nothing in this trailer that I remember from the novel.  While I will not pass judgement before the film is released, I think this is going to be a tough film to not criticize.

The novel was essentially a collection of stories about the zombie apocalypse.  It was told from multiple perspectives from people around the world, and as written, it would be un-filmable.  Well, it would make a great anthology HBO series, but as a film, it would be un-filmable.

This film does have me very curious.  The trailer is not terrible.  It has piqued my interest.  Have a look and let me know what you think.  If you haven’t read the novel this is (loosely) based on, please do so.  It is highly recommended.


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