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Silent Night clip and release date

Here we have a clip of Silent Night, a remake of the ’80’s cult classic Silent Night, Deadly Night.  While I am still not completely sold on this film, this clip does have a few thing going for it that has piqued my interest.  Have a look at the clip, then I’ll be back to discuss it.

While it is only a minute and a half long, it is filmed very well.  The angles and lighting surprised me.  From the clip, it actually looks like  a theatrical release.  They also did very well at building up the tension in the short clip.

One thing that has me worried, though, is that the film looks like it is deadly serious (pun intended).  If done right, this could be terrifying.  It seems to me that the film should be a little more tongue in cheek, though.  The concept of a killer Santa Claus is just inherently silly.  While the killer Santa picture has been done a couple times before (notably Santa’s Slay starring Bill Goldberg, and Rare ExportsA Christmas Tale, a Finnish film and the entire Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise of which this film is a remake of), a completely serious version of this film could be a disaster in the wrong hands.

The film releases on Blu-Ray on December 4, 2012, just in time to give as Christmas presents to your aging grandparents!



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