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Bad news of the day: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo exits Highlander remake

christopher-lambert-sean-connery-highlanderAfter watching the brilliant and under rated 28 Weeks Later, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has been a director that I always keep my eye on.  So, when it was announced a couple years ago that he was going to direct the Bioshock video game film adaptation, I was super psyched.  Then the film fell apart.  Fresnadillo then moved on to the directing gig for The Crow remake.  His involvement was the only thing that had me excited for that remake.  Then that fell apart, and he moved on to the Highlander remake.  Under his tenure, he attached Ryan Reynolds to the lead.  Now, he has dropped out of the Highlander remake.

Word is that he exited the remake because of creative differences with the production company, Summit.

While I haven’t yet seen his film Intruders that released this year, he is still a director to watch.  More information on this remake as it comes available.


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