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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII debut trailers

Light-Returns-FFXIII-AnnouncedHere we have a debut trailer and an extended debut trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.  Rumored to be the last installment in the Final Fantasy XIII series, this game once again focuses on the character of Lightning, the heroine of Final Fantasy XIII and supporting player in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

While the two trailer shown below aren’t radically different, there are a couple of differences other than the length.  Have a look at them below and I’ll be back after:

While I wasn’t a huge fan of Final Fantasy XIII, I did dig Final Fantasy XIII-2 quite a bit.  From the trailers, this new game looks to change up the formula again.  And I’m not sure what to make of it.  I know that I, personally, would have rather just seen Final Fantasy XIII-3 instead of what this looks like.  I understand that Square Enix wants to mix things up and not make the same game over and over, but is anyone else missing the glory days of Final Fantasy?  When they were actually turn-based RPG‘s?  I would rather they take the series back to it’s roots instead of changing everything.  The series isn’t the warm blanket it used to be. . .

So, what are your impressions of the trailer?  Let me know in the comments!



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