Movie Trailers

“Whatever you’re running from won’t find you here.” The Last Exorcism part II trailer

Last Exorcism part II posterFrom the ‘why the hell did they make this’ files comes the trailer for The Last Exorcism part II.  Make no mistake, I really, really liked the first film.  I cannot understand why there would be A. a market for this, or B. why the story needed to be continued.  I felt the original was just that: original.  I also felt that it was a good stand alone film that was never in need of a sequel.  It left things vague enough for you to question whether she was possessed or not.  Even at the very ‘WTF!’ ending, you were never really sure if she was possessed by Abalam.

Well, I am not completely sold on this.  In fact, it almost looks like one I might skip.  It looks like it is going in a direction that is completely opposite from the first.  Here’s to hoping it is good, but I’m not holding my breath. . .

The Last Exorcism part II opens in March, 2013.


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