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Awesome-sauce news of the day! The Rock making picture into picture!

First off, I suppose I should stop calling him ‘The Rock”.  He just goes by Dwayne Johnson now, unless he’s wrasslin’.

Anywho, Dwayne Johnson (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, The Rundown) is making a film based on this photo here:

Teddy BearsThe artwork is from DeviantArt user begemott (aka Alex Panagopoulos).  It has been making the rounds on Facebook for quite awhile.

Dwayne Johnson is attached to produce and possibly star in the film, which has the working title of Teddy Bear.  While there have been movies based on books, video games, comic books, etc., this is the first time I have heard of a film being based off a piece of artwork.  To my way of thinking, they couldn’t have picked a better piece of art.  It is a stunning picture, and hopefully they will give the project to a decent writer and hire a decent director so we get, at the bare (pun intended) minimum, a decent film.  Fingers crossed.  What do you think about this news?  Sound off below!



3 thoughts on “Awesome-sauce news of the day! The Rock making picture into picture!

    • The Rock . . .adorable? Um, k? lol I like The Rock. His movies just haven’t been the best. Him and Vin Diesel are so close to taking over the action movie guy mantle from Schwarzengger and Stallone . . .They just need to be in better movies . . .

      • Lol, I know most people wouldn’t go with adorable but when he smiles he has this boyish charm and it’s adorable. 😉 His movies definitely haven’t been the best, lol, but he does fairly well in them I think. Plus I was a fan during his wrestling days. 🙂

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