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Is a Dredd sequel still possible?

dredd_blu-ray_dvdScreenRant has a good article on Dredd and a possible sequel.  An excerpt of the article states:

With a total haul of $32 million (worldwide!) on a $50 million budget, it seemed that Dredd would definitely not get a sequel; but with the latest word on the film’s sales figures in the home video market, could there be new hope for another chapter?

They also included this little bit of press release:

The verdict is in and Lionsgate (LGF), a leading global entertainment company, announced today that the home entertainment release of DREDD claimed the number one spot on the DVD sell-through and Blu-ray charts with 650,000 units sold, making it the best-selling new release title of the year. Blu-ray units accounted for nearly 50% of week 1 POS at retail. In addition, the critically acclaimed thriller, starring Karl Urban (Star Trek) as the titular character Judge Dredd , was the top film download for the week, outpacing all other titles in digital sales as well. Said Ron Schwartz , Lionsgate Executive Vice President & General Manager, Home Entertainment. “We’re also pleased that a film released on 3-D Blu-ray was able to top the sales charts, a clear reflection of how quality films in this up and coming format can find their audience.

Head on over to their site, ScreenRant, to read the rest of their article.

There is nothing I would like to see more than a sequel to Dredd.  Except maybe the reboot of The Crow franchise, but I am in the minority there.

I can’t disclose my employer (Not 100% sure if I can, so I won’t), but in my employment I can say the Dredd sold like gangbusters.  We actually sold out of the Blu-Ray’s within an hour.  It wasn’t expected to do well and it surpassed expectations.  So the desire for the film is there.  Is the studio brave enough to move forward?  I think they should be.  Those 3 of us who saw the film in the theater have spread the word about how good it is and it seems to be picking up steam.  It is just unfortunate that it has to be on home video.  I personally feel that a sequel, with the built in audience of the ‘cult classic’ viewer, those who have purchased it on Blu-Ray or DVD, would prove successful.

What do you think?  Have you seen Dredd?  If not, GET TO IT!  It is fabulous (and yes, I did use the word fabulous.  Get over it.)  Buy it here on Amazon and make me happy!


9 thoughts on “Is a Dredd sequel still possible?

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  2. This movie took me totally by surprise.Intelligently written and definitely deserving of a sequel. I’m even buying copies to give to friends to support the film.I advise everyone who wants a sequel to buy at least one copy and give it to a friend.

  3. I wonder how long we will have to wait for an official announcement on whether or not a sequel will actually happen? The suspense is killing me already. Dredd really deserves a sequel, it was a great film. I’ve watched it a number of times so far, and still not bored with it.

  4. I honestly think that if DNA FIlms went forward with a sequel, Dredd 2 would be a big hit at the Box-Office next time compared with the bad performance of the first. People now know what they would be paying to go and see when it comes to Dredd 2. Which would be a quality, Hard-R – Sci-Fi/Action film with two really likeable lead Actors returning. (Hopefully) Memories of the 1995 Comedy version was probably a factor in Dredd’s Box-Office failure, along with Distributors not pushing the film hard enough leading up to it’s release as well. The film itself is great, and wasn’t to blame for it’s poor take at the Movies. There were a number of other factors that were to blame instead. Plus, with Dredd being an 18/R release, I feel making the film in 3D and adding “3D” into the title may have hurt the release too. I don’t think adults care as much about 3D as maybe the kids might. We just want a good movie that is gimmick-free. And it costs more to see a 3D movie at Cinemas, so people may have given it a miss thinking Dredd was going to be another Stallone-style Dredd film, but this time in a more expensive 3D version as well. I read online that the investors would only fund DNA Films to make Dredd if the movie was to be made in 3D, which was around the time of James Cameron’s Avatar. I have a feeling the 3D element may be dropped for the sequel if it gets a green light. Dredd has the potential to be one of the biggest film trilogies of the decade, especially if the same team return to work on the next two instalments. It’s very important that at least Alex Garland, Karl Urban, and Olivia Thirlby return though, if DNA FIlms really want a Dredd trilogy to work.

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