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J. J. Abrams to direct Star Wars VII?

Star_Wars_Trilogy_850Until we get confirmation from Disney, this is strictly in the rumor category, despite what other movie news outlets would have you think.  So don’t get your panties in a bunch if it turns out to be false.  There’s my disclaimer, so on to the story . . .

The Wrap broke the news that J. J. Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars film  I am not going any farther with this until there is a press release from Disney and Kathleen Kennedy.  I have tried to avoid posting rumors and gossip and fanboy speculation regarding the next Star Wars film because it simply takes up too much time that I don’t have.  It seems everyday there is new speculation from people who have no clue or inside information.

The only reason I am posting this is because I have a small feeling it might be true.  If it turns out to be true, I will go into more detail and how I feel about it.  Until that time, regard this as a rumor.  You can click on over to The Wrap or any other movie news outlet to see what they have to say about it.  I will post more when we have confirmation, which if this is true, will be soon I would expect.


One thought on “J. J. Abrams to direct Star Wars VII?

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