Movie Ruminations

Nicholas Cage as Superman?

Any one who is a comic book fan may have heard of Tim Burton‘s (Ed Wood, Alice in Wonderland) failed Superman Lives project from the ’90’s.  A couple of photos as Nicholas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas, Drive Angry) in costume have appeared from the failed production.  Have a look at them here:

Nick Cage SupermanPlease note that these photos have not been authenticated and Photoshop users are getting better everyday.  It is a fact, though, that Nicholas Cage was set to star in the film as Clark Kent/Superman.

If you are interested in learning more about this film, there is a Kickstarter campaign to make a documentary about the film.  Have a look at this video from the Kickstarter campaign:

This looks to be a project that I can get behind.  I remember when this film was announced and would love to know more about why it fell apart.  At the time I was all about Tim Burton and was extremely excited to see his version of the character.  And judging from the above video, it would have been a strange trip . . .

You can click over to the Kickstarter page here to take a look at the project and donate, if you so desire.



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