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Disney’s Oscar nominated short film, Paperman

"PAPERMAN"In a super cool move, Disney has released it’s short film, Paperman, online for viewing.  While I’m sure this is a push for the Oscar, it is still a super cool move for the studio.  This short premiered before Wreck-It Ralph, and it is an amazing piece of animation.  It is also a wonderful short film that deserves to be seen.  You can watch it right here.  Enjoy:


2 thoughts on “Disney’s Oscar nominated short film, Paperman

    • Honestly, since I haven’t seen all of the contenders, it is very difficult to say. What I can say is that I absolutely love this short.

      This is why I don’t post Golden Globes or Academy Awards info, for the most part. I am not sponsored or affiliated by any studio in any way. What I see I have to pay for out of my own pocket. Since I have to work a lot to pay for this, I don’t have the opportunity to see all of these films as soon as I’d like.

      But, I wouldn’t be upset if it won. lol

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