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Moon director to helm Warcraft film


Duncan Jones, director of the critically acclaimed films Moon and Source Code, will be helming the Warcraft film for Warner Bros.  Jones confirmed this on his Twitter account with this message:

While he never mentions Warcraft in the Tweet, I think it’s pretty safe to say he’s onboard.  I expect we will see a press release for this today.  

While I haven’t seen either Moon or Source Code, they are on my list.  Especially Moon.  I’ve heard great things about it.

In my opinion, giving a huge budgeted fantasy franchise like this to an indie director is an interesting tactic.  After all, it worked for Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings films . . .Honestly, very few people knew who Jackson was before LotR.

I will keep you posted as more info is released.

You can buy Moon here.

You can buy Source Code here.

You can buy the Warcraft Battle Chest here.




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