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“Are you scared?” Maniac UK trailer

Maniac posterHere we have a new UK trailer for Maniac, the Elijah Wood starring horror film.  I have to say that even from the trailers, this looks a little disturbing.  Which has me excited.  There is no announced US release date for the film yet, but odds are that it will release in theaters sometime this year.  Have a look at the trailer here:


2 thoughts on ““Are you scared?” Maniac UK trailer

  1. I Can’t Wait To See This, Actually!
    I Own The Original In A 30TH Anniv. Edition On The Blu-ray.
    This One Won’t Have That Grit To It That Make The Original Even More Appealing, BUT Elijah Wood… …As A Psycho Serial Killer?!
    I’m Already Sold.
    The Pairing Is Unexpected, But I KNEW He Could Do Something Like This After Seeing SIN CITY. He Was My Favorite Part Of That Flick…
    …So Bring On A True Slasher!!!
    Could Be Awwwwwesome!
    Disturbing, Yes.
    But, Potentially Awwwwwesome!! hehehe
    I Know You’ll Check-It-Out, So WE Will See If WE Are Right About It!!!
    (*fingers crossed*)

    • Let’s hope they actually release this in the theaters over here. It has this strange detective story look to it, like an old film noir. I can’t wait. I really want to see this.

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