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Animated remake of The Stooge starring Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit!!??

Yes, you read that headline right.  According to Gary K. Wolf, posting as Walter Windchill, Disney is looking into the film.  From his post:

The movie is called The Stooge.  It will be based on the  classic Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movie of the same name. The story has the emotional empathy and sensibilities of Wall-E and Toy Story. It will be a (G) Rated Pixar type animated musical buddy comedy. Mickey takes on the Dean Martin role, Roger, who is already regarded as a comic genius in France, takes the Jerry Lewis part.
The film incorporates five specific locations from the Disneyland park. It also introduces the Toon Train, an exciting and interesting way to travel through Toontown.
The film features real-life people.  Walt Disney costars. Orson Wells makes an appearance.
The packaged Development Proposal is currently being evaluated by Disney and Pixar.  Meetings are happening! Directors and writers are being evaluated.
Hold your breath! For now, that’s all I can tell you!  Believe me, there’s lots more to come.
This is Walter Windchill, signing off.
He also included this image:
The Stooge PosterWhile this is far from a done deal, I’m fairly certain that the excitement circling the internet right now will push this over the limit and it will get made.
It has been a long time since I have seen anything with Roger Rabbit.  And I am ready to see it!  Come on, Disney, let’s do this!

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