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Sinister 2 is coming

Sinister Blu RayLet’s file this under the ‘duh’ category, shall we?

It’s being reported that Sinister is getting a sequel.  If you’ve read my review (which you can read here), you will find that I loved the first film.  It genuinely frightened me in a way that few films do.  Very few films.  I do not scare easily, but this film terrified me.

So, it is with something of a heavy heart that I am reporting this.  Sinister was the perfect one-off movie.  There is no need for a sequel.  What has me a little more enthused, though, is that writers Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill are on board to write the film.  They wrote the first film and Derrickson directed.  While the first film does set up a bit of mythology, I can only imagine that the sequel will expand on this.  Honestly, that is the only way I could see them making another film without just copying the first.  (If you’ve seen the first film, you will know what I mean.)

As long as they can expand on the mythology while keeping the character realistic, something they did so amazingly well in the first, I am in.

There is no set date for this as yet.  Derrickson and Cargill are currently working on the feature film adaptation of video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  Odds are that they will write the film but someone else will direct.  I will keep you posted as more info becomes available in the coming months.

You can pick up the first film here.   I highly recommend it.


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