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Kate Beckinsale joining Edgar Allan Poe film adaptation Eliza Graves?

Kate Beckinsale Underworld movie  imageThe gorgeous Kate Beckinsale is in negotiations to join the film Eliza Graves, which is based on on early Edgar Allan Poe story.  The original story is titled The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether and you can read it by clicking it’s title.  

The film is to be directed by Brad Anderson, who directed The Machinist and this past weekends surprising box office standout The Call.  He also directed the eerie supernatural chiller Session 9.

Screen Rant had this to say about the plot:

(Eliza Graves) is a dark comedy about a wandering traveller who, out of curiosity, investigates an insane asylum that is reputed to employ a highly liberal method of treatment that allows patients to wander freely about the grounds, and encourages the doctors to freely indulge and even encourage their delusions. Upon arriving at the asylum, however, the traveler discovers the patients locked away in cells and is told that an incident occurred a few weeks prior that forced the suspension of the ‘soothing system’.

Gangemi’s script has apparently changed a few details and fleshed out the story. The main character is now a Harvard Medical School graduate, the eponymous Eliza Graves, who arrives at the asylum and begins falling for one of the doctors there only to discover – like the protagonist of Poe’s story – that all is not as it seems.

You may recognize Kate Beckinsale from three of the Underworld films, the recent remake of Total Recall, and the wonderful (not sarcastic) romantic comedy Serendipity.  

Much like an Exorcism film is hard to make, so is a film involving mental institutions.  When they’re good, they’re pretty good (Shutter Island).  When they’re bad, they’re usually forgotten fairly quickly (Gothika).  Here’s hoping this all comes together, because I find myself intrigued.  Plus, Kate Beckinsale is absolutely gorgeous and I will see anything with her in it.

Kate Beckinsale


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