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EXCLUSIVE- Interview with Davey Suicide

With the full length debut of Davey Suicide’s album, titled simply Davey Suicide, Davey and company have been touring non-stop in support of the record.  I was able to conduct an email interview with him while he is on tour with Orgy.  I have interviewed the man before, so don’t forget to check out the links below to read my previous interviews.  I hope you enjoy!  Don’t forget to click through the logo art to pick up the record on Amazon.  I have listened to part of it and it is pretty good.


1.  I caught you guys and spoke to Davey during the Static-X tour.  How have things been going since?

We were amassing this giant snowball and we’ve been pushing it up this mountain and now it feels like we’re getting ready to go over the edge and take out everything in our way. 

2.  The album finally released.  Have you seen a growing fanbase due to the constant touring and recent release of the album?
We are growing by the day and it’s exciting to see all the fans at shows singing every song now. 

DS 23.  Who are you currently touring with?  How is that different than with someone like Static-X that has some mainstream popularity?

We’ve been out with Orgy for over a month now and the response has been great.  It seems like a similar demo to Static actually. 
4.  You have just released your second video for ‘Kids of America’.  How has the response been to the new video?
Like everything we do, it’s extremely polarized.
5.  Actually, how has the response been to the new album?
I have heard nothing but amazing things about our record.  I’m glad fans can finally get the whole plethora of sound that we are.
6.  Being a more movie-focused website, I have to ask if you have managed to catch any films lately and if anything you saw was halfway decent.  Enlighten my readers.
I haven’t had time to watch movies or television while on the road but I did catch the Osama Bin Laden Manhunt, Zero Dark Thirty.  It was a little slow but it was interesting. 
7.  There is a disturbing lack of shock rock in the world nowadays.  Mainstream or otherwise.  Do you feel that you are here to fill the void with more dirty shock rock?
Fans of that genre haven’t gone anywhere.  They simply need a reason to fall in love again.  We’re here to do that for them.
So, there you have it.  Short and sweet.  I just want to thank Davey for taking the time out of his busy touring schedule to answer these questions for us all.  I also highly recommend you pick up the album.  It is pretty good and I will eventually get an album review up here for you.

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