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No Loki for ‘The Crow’. The world weeps . . .

Well, Deadline has broken the sad, sad news that Tom Hiddleston will not be appearing in the re-make, re-imagining, re-boot of The Crow.  Here is what they had to say:

Also not happening is Thor and The Avengers antagonist Tom Hiddleston starring in Relativity Media’s reboot of The Crow. A simple conversation has been overhyped and reported like it was going to happen. The guy to keep an eye on here is True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard, who is getting numerous offers since his plans to star for David Yates in Tarzan died on the vine when Warner Bros halted the project over budget. No formal offer yet, but it sounds to me like it’s Skarsgard’s role if he wants it in the F. Javier Gutierrez-directed film series relaunch.

This is somewhat disheartening . . .I really liked the idea of Tom Hiddleston in the role . . . Click here to read my original article about Hiddleston and The Crow.

As for Alexander Skarsgard . . .um . . .I will reserve judgement.  I didn’t like him in the Straw Dogs remake but haven’t seen True Blood or Battleship.  I’m just thankful I didn’t report the Hiddleston thing as a done deal . . .I’d have some egg on my face right about now . . .

Here is a photo of Skarsgard with long hair. . . I’m not at all convinced this will work . . .*slaps forehead*

Alexander Skarsgard


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