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Metallica Through the Never teaser trailer!

MET_Never_TeaserPoster_2013-05-17_3D_TypeHere we have the first teaser trailer for Metallica Through the Never.  And boy does it look like a doozy of a movie.

This is directed by Nomrod Antal (Vacancy, Predators) and combines a narrative with concert footage.  The narrative stars Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, The Amazing Spider-Man 2).  Here is the official synopsis:

Featuring dazzling pyrotechnics, the most elaborate live-performance stage ever built and imagery drawn from the band’s trailblazing iconography, the immersive 360-degree show creates a mind-bending, ear-shattering mirror image of the destruction and chaos of Trip’s journey. Metallica Through the Never’s state-of-the-art 3-D photography, captured using up to 24 cameras simultaneously, engulfs audiences in one of the most innovative and exciting cinematic experiences ever imagined.

This will release in Imax on September 27, 2013 and everywhere else on October 5, 2013.  I cannot wait!  I will be seeing this in Imax . . .


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