NEW BAND ALERT- A Pale Horse Named Death

Lay my Soul to WasteWhen you look at the cover art for A Pale Horse Named Death’s sophomore album, what is the first thing you think of?  For me, it was death metal.  The art was so exceptionally well done, though, that I hopped on the computer to see what they sounded like.  I was shocked to discover that this band features members of Type O Negative.  Sal Abruscato, Type O Negative’s drummer on the albums Slow Deep and Hard, The Origin of the Feces, and Bloody Kisses.  It also features Johnny Kelly, Type O Negative’s drummer who replaced Sal Abruscato.

The sound on the two songs below is very reminiscent of Type O Negative, while Sal’s vocals sound a bit like Layne Staley, deceased former vocalist for Alice in Chains.  So, without further ado, I present to you two tracks off their album Lay My Soul to Waste:

I have picked up the CD, and it is amazing.  I cannot stop listening to it.  I highly recommend it.  Stay tuned for a full review soon!




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