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Is the Final Fantasy series dead? E3 trailer for Final Fantasy XV

final-fantasy-xv-logoI watched this trailer and felt my heart sink.  After the disaster that was the launch of Final Fantasy XIV, the re-working and re-launching of that game, and now this trailer, I feel that the Final Fantasy series is dead.  It could be revived, but it will require a severe retooling of the direction the series has taken, which started with the fabulous Final Fantasy XII.

As you watch this trailer, you will notice that this looks nothing like Final Fantasy.  At all.

This game actually started out as Final Fantasy versus XIII but was changed to Final Fantasy XV and pushed to next-gen systems.  That is a bad sign.  Final Fantasy XIII was not good.  In fact, it was worse that Final Fantasy VIII, my least favorite in the series until XIII.  While Final Fantasy XIII-2 was pretty good, it was an offshoot of the main series, not an actual numbered entry.

Well, have a look at the trailer here.  Just be warned.  It is not a terrible trailer, but is not Final Fantasy, despite what the title card at the end says.

Shame on you, Square Enix.  quit this f%$kin’ around and give the fans what they want.  A real Final Fantasy game.  This is not it.


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