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There can only be another one. Ryan Reynolds out of ‘Highlander’ reboot.

RyanReynoldsWell, dammit.  I was actually looking forward to Ryan Reynolds playing Connor MacLeod. . . .

The Wrap is reporting that, with no director attached, Ryan Reynolds has dropped out of the Highlander reboot.  Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later, The Intruders) was the most recent director attached, but he dropped out in November 2012.  Here is what The Wrap had to say:

Summit vowed to move quickly in finding Fresnadillo’s replacement but still hasn’t brought another filmmaker onboard, leaving Reynolds in limbo. An individual familiar with “Highlander” tells TheWrap that Reynolds’ exit may actually prove beneficial for the project, as a new director will be able to cast a new leading man rather than inherit a previous filmmaker’s decision.

When the news initially broke that Fesnadillo and Reynolds were on board, I got on board with this project.  I love the first Highlander film.  Yes, it is very dated now, but it is still a damned entertaining flick.  I can actually see this being remade and getting a good movie out of it.

I was really loving the idea of Reynolds playing MacLeod.  Maybe whichever new director they bring on can coax him back.  I like Reynolds and think this role could actually be the one to really put him on the map, and not as a second stringer action star, which, sadly, is what he is.

More information about replacement actor and director as I learn more.


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