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Third trailer for ‘The Conjuring’ includes the actual Perron family discussing the haunting

The Conjuring posterI loves me some horror films.  Especially the ones that are actually scary, of which there are very few.  Sure, I can watch a gore movie and enjoy it, but to me, that’s not scary.  Typically, the scary films for me are the ones that feature very little gore and rely on building up tension.  That sort of horror is what James Wan is quickly becoming a master of.

The director of Saw, Death Sentence, the very under-rated Dead Silence, and Insidious, James Wan returns this summer with The Conjuring, followed later in the year by Insidious 2.  Have a look at this trailer; it almost seems more like a short documentary than a trailer.  I found it very effective and it’s the first of the three trailers that has actually made me decide to go see the film in the theater.  Have a look here:

I think that the inclusion of the people that this really happened to in the trailer says a lot.  Yes, there are a ton of horror films that say ‘Based on a True Story’ or ‘Inspired by a True Story’.  I find it a lot more effective that the people it really happened to are included, rather than just some words on a screen.  This actually heightens the fact that it really happened.  I think this is a very clever marketing tool, and it has certainly worked on me.

The Conjuring opens on July 19, 2013.


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