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Saturn Awards 2013 winners list

The-Avengers-MovieThe Saturn Awards, the action, sci-fi, horror and fantasy equivalent of the Academy Awards, were announced on Wednesday, June 26.  Due to a thunderstorm, I have been without power, so my apologies for getting this up late.

If you are a movie fan, but cannot stand the (mostly) curmudgeonly Academy Awards, then the Saturn Awards are for you. Have a look and the complete list of winners here:

2013 Saturn Award Winners

 Film Awards:

Best Science Fiction Film: “Marvel’s The Avengers
Best Fantasy Film: “Life of Pi
Best Horror/Thriller Film: “The Cabin in the Woods
Best Action/Adventure Film: “Skyfall
Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey (“Killer Joe“)
Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence (“The Hunger Games“)
Best Supporting Actor: Clark Gregg (“Marvel’s The Avengers“)
Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (“The Dark Knight Rises“)
Best Performance by a Younger Actor: Suraj Sharma (“Life of Pi“)
Best Director: Joss Whedon (“Marvel’s The Avengers”)
Best Writing: Quentin Tarantino (“Django Unchained“)
Best Production Design: Dan Hennah (“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey“)
Best Editing: Alexander Berner (“Cloud Atlas“)
Best Music: Danny Elfman (“Frankenweenie“)
Best Costume: Paco Delgado (“Les Miserables”)
Best Makeup: Heike Merker, Daniel Parker, Jeremy Woodhead (“Cloud Atlas“)
Best Special Effects: Janek Sirrs, Jeff White, Guy Williams, Dan Sudick (“Marvel’s The Avengers“)
Best Independent Film Release: “Killer Joe
Best International Film: “Headhunters
Best Animated Film: “Frankenweenie

TV Awards:

Best Network Television Series: “Revolution
Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series: “The Walking Dead
Best Presentation on Television: “Breaking Bad”
Best Youth-Oriented Series on Television: “Teen Wolf
Best Actor on Television: Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad“), Kevin Bacon (“The Following“) (tie)
Best Actress on Television: Anna Torv (“Fringe“)
Best Supporting Actor on Television: Jonathan Banks (“Breaking Bad“)
Best Supporting Actress on Television: Laurie Holden (“The Walking Dead“)
Best Guest Star on Television: Yvonne Strahovski (“Dexter“)

Home Entertainment Awards:

Best DVD/BD Release: “Touchback
Best DVD/BD Special Edition Release: “Little Shop of Horrors: The Director’s Cut
Best DVD/BD Collection Release: “Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection
Best DVD/BD Television Series Release: “Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 1 & 2

Special Achievement Awards:

The Lifetime Achievement Award: William Friedkin
The Dan Curtis Legacy Award: Vince Gilligan
The Visionary Award: Richard Matheson
The Life Career Award: Jonathan Frakes
Theater Showcase Award: “Silence! The Musical”


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