Movie Trailers

“I’m a big believer in second chances.” Pacific Rim final trailer

pacific-rim-posterHere we have the final trailer for the giant-monsters-vs.-giant-robots film, Pacific Rim.  One thing I have noticed about all the trailers, is that they use a lot of the same footage, just edited together differently.  While this trailer has a little bit more dialogue, it is pretty much the same as the other trailers. In another director’s hands, this would scare me about the film, but this is Gullermo del Toro.  The man has directed some fascinating films and is a very geek heavy director.  Among the films he has directed:

So, as you can see, this film is in good hands.  I cannot wait to see it.  Have a look at the trailer here:

Pacific Rim opens on July 12, 2013.


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