Into the World 2: A Toddler’s Tale

I watched this. It was super-cute. Have a look.

Cinema Schminema

A Toddlers Tale

Okay, okay, I know what you all are thinking.  The girl’s finally gone made with her hectic lifestyle and no sleep and she’s gone soft.  It’s true, I don’t often review adorableness on here – I like my movies dirty and hard.  But today I make the exception as I introduce you to Logan Starks.

Logan is your typical nine year old boy except for the fact that by the time he was 8, he’d already made TWO films.  Yeah, don’t you feel under accomplished now, huh?  I think my biggest accomplishment at age 8 was reading things like Edgar Allen Poe…but I digress.  Not only is Logan your typical boy but he’s also a big brother.  Into the World 2: A Toddler’s Tale is the follow up to the first film he ever made when his little brother, Connor, was about to be born.  Now, it’s two years later…

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