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“Only the nazis would think of something like this.” Frankenstein’s Army red band trailer

Frankensteins-Army-Poster-ImageHere we have the red band trailer for Frankenstein’s Army.  And it looks awesome!  Have a lok at the synopsis for the film here:

A Russian squadron ventures into an abandoned village in eastern Germany during the latter stages of World War II, and encounters a crazed Nazi scientist who’s been turning corpses into nightmare killing machines. As the soldiers slowly make their way through the secluded hamlet, the sight of exhumed graves leaves them deeply unnerved. Their communications mysteriously jammed, the wary soldiers happen across what they believe to be a derelict factory. There, deep in the bowels of that labyrinthine warehouse, a twisted Nazi scientist (Karel Roden) has been binding cold steel to rotting flesh. His goal is to create the ultimate killing machine, and as the shadows begin to stir all around then, the terrified Russians prepare to take their last stand against his horrific creations.

Ok, the synopsis looks pretty cool, but what about the trailer?  Well, Let’s just say that this is a must see for me!  It looks NUTS!  Have a look at the awesomeness of said trailer here:

See?  Simply awesome-sauce!  Frankenstein’s Army gets a limited theatrical run and will appear on VOD on July 26, 2013.  I MUST SEE THIS!!

While there is no cover art, so far, Amazon has this listed for pre-order here.


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