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Paranormal Activity 5 ditching Halloween?

paranormal-activity-3-sheet-ghostThe Wrap is reporting that Paramount is considering moving the next installment of the incredible popular Paranormal Activity franchise out of it’s staked out territory of  October 25, 2013 until January of 2014.  Why would they do this?  That is open to speculation, but the general consensus is that it is to capitalize on the lucrative January horror market that has just opened up in recent years.

While the Paranormal Activity franchise has done incredibly well in the October/Halloween market, the last film in the franchise, Paranormal Activity 4did not live up to expectations.  It was made for around $5 million and grossed $140 million worldwide but was the lowest grossing entry in the series, not to mention that most who saw it hated it, critics and audiences alike.  (I have yet to see it.)

January has lately become a lucrative dropping off point for horror films, with the recent releases of The Devil Inside, Texas Chainsawand Mama all performing exceptionally well in the cold winter month.  Audiences flock to these films to get a break from the endless dramatic features vying for awards consideration that usually takes up the early months of the year.

While it is not set in stone and may not even happen, don’t be terribly shocked if there isn’t a Paranormal Activity film in the cinemas this Halloween.

I, for one, wouldn’t mind there not even being another Paranormal Activity film.  I feel that the first film was a one trick pony and the rest are just trying to cash grab.  The first film was really good, but the rest have gotten successively worse with each installment.  After watching the second and third films, I feel that the series needs a break, if not out and out retirement.


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