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Sign the petition to get a Dredd sequel made!

Dredd sequel petitionHey, folks.  I would be remiss in my duties as a geek movie blogger if I didn’t point out this little petition for a sequel to Dredd.  If you head over to this site here,

Click here to go to the petition!

you can add your name to the already 20,000 of us that have signed.  The petition is to get Lionsgate to make a Dredd sequel.  Recently, at the San Diego Comic Con, Karl Urban stated that only fan support would get the studio moving on the sequel.  Well, if like me, you are desperate to see a sequel to this magnificent film, you need to make you voice heard.  Signing this petition will make your voice heard.  There is strength in numbers and we are already at 20,000 signatures.  Add your name and let’s make this happen!



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