Movie Trailers

“It’s a doll. What’s the worst that could happen?” Curse of Chucky red band trailer

Curse of Chucky bluHere we have the red band trailer for this October’s surprising straight to video release, Curse of Chucky.  I cannot believe that they decided to run Chucky to the straight to video market.  Just seems silly to me.  Why the hell wouldn’t you release a horror film in the theaters in October?  Just plain silliness.

Ok, so this is a red band trailer.  I don’t know why.  This could easily be a green band trailer.  There is nothing in here that would be NSFW.  At all.  It’s a pretty lame red band trailer, even though I really want to see the film.  Have a look at the trailer here:

Curse of Chucky releases on Blu-Ray on October 8, 2013.

Click the box art above to go to Amazon where you can preorder it.


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