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New ‘Riddick’ trailer!!

Riddick Comic Con posterSo, normally I headline these with a quote from the trailer.  Well, there isn’t a lot of dialogue in this trailer that hasn’t been in the others, so there really wasn’t a good quote to use.  How sad.  On the plus side, we have another trailer for Riddick!

There isn’t a lot of new footage here, but there is a little bit near the end of the trailer.  While I like the fact that they aren’t really showing us anything in the trailers, no sense of the plot or major action sequences, I find the same trailer basically being recut a little frustrating.  I really want to see this film and want a good idea of what to expect.  Have a look at the trailer here:

Riddick opens on September 6, 2013.


One thought on “New ‘Riddick’ trailer!!

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