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James O’Barr offers update on ‘The Crow’ reboot

the crowTotal Film recently spoke to The Crow creator James O’Barr who revealed this little bit about his involvement in the long gestating project:

“It was his idea to go right back to the source material and essentially shoot it shot-for-shot, as in the book, but with a little more backstory for some of the characters.”

“He wants to be as faithful as possible, even down to all the visual metaphors of trains and horses.”

“The producers showed me some shots of [Luke Evans] in the make-up and the tragedy really shows on his face, especially his eyes. He has a really commanding screen presence.”

While I know there are a lot of people dead set against this film, as a big fan of the original film, I can’t help but be excited by this.  While F. Javier Gutiérrez is a wild card, so was Alex Proyas when he directed the Brandon Lee starring original.  The casting of Luke Evans was a masterstroke, as he has the look and talent to pull this off, without being a huge movie star.

From the way O’Barr is describing this film, it seems to be less of a reboot of the franchise than a complete reimagining of the graphic novel.  I can’t help but be excited and am waiting with bated breath for the first look of Evans in the makeup . . .

Click here for my glowing review of The Crow.



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