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Wild Bill Wharton to join ‘Poltergeist’ remake?

sam rockwellOk, so is ‘Wild Bill’ Wharton too vague a reference to identify the actor?  How ’bout I just name him.  Sam Rockwell.

Word is that Sam Rockwell is in early negotiations to join the completely unnecessary remake of Poltergeist.  Then again, if he does join the film, it will become a must see.  Isn’t it interesting how attaching one actor to a useless remake can make it more intriguing and worth seeing?  Especially when that actor is Sam Rockwell.  What is that you say?  Who is Sam Rockwell?  Are you serious?  You don’t know who he is?  Well, have a look at some of his filmography here:

Bet you know who he is now. . .

This news comes from The Wrap, so click through the link to visit their story for more details.  I just can’t help but this this a completely unneeded remake.  Could it be good like Evil Dead?  It sure could.  Could it suck monkey testicles?  Odds are leaning towards monkey testicles. . . But . . .if Sam Rockwell joins, it will be an entertaining monkey testicle suck . . .

BTW, ‘Wild Bill’ Wharton was his character’s name in The Green Mile.


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