Movie Ruminations

John McClane out, Indiana Jones in for Expendables 3!

TheExpendables2This story broke yesterday and I had to dwell on whether to post it.  Mainly because I don’t play the gossip game on here and try to only report the facts without all the behind the scenes drama.  Well, after careful consideration, I decided that the news that comes with the drama is important enough to pass on to you.

Well, we got a couple of Tweets yesterday from Sylvester Stallone regarding the next Expendables film.  Here is the first:

So, it sucks that Bruce Willis is out, but getting Harrison Ford is absolutely brilliant.  But then, Stallone Tweeted this:

So, I assume there is something going on in the background with Sly and Willis.  I will not share my opinions on this, as I am not a gossip site and refuse to play that game.  My site will not become an overly dramatic, reality TV version of a website.  There are plenty of other sites out there for that.

Let’s just focus on the fact that we will be seeing Harrison Ford kickin’ ass with Stallone and Schwarzenegger!  Dreams really do come true . . .


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