Fight or Flight concert report and photos

Here I am, back to the grind for BIZZAM!! Movie News, with a bunch of photos I took at the recent local Fight or Flight show.  Click here to read my interview with Dan Chandler, vocalist for Fight or Flight.

My assistant and I arrived at the show early to get the interview with Dan.  He was a super cool guy, and while I don’t necessarily  dig the music he makes, I found that I was a fan of the man.  He was gracious, polite, and overall seemed to be a good dude who appreciated where he was and the fans.  I found myself very impressed by him.  Take a look at my chubby butt hanging out with a rock star:

Dan Chandler and the chubby meAfter the interview, my assistant and I had a couple hours to kill before the doors opened at Club Fever for the show, so we went to grab some grub.  (Because that’s what my chunky butt needed. . . more food.)

The first band out of the gates was a local opener called DRiVEN.  Check their ReverbNation page here.

Next up was a band called Mindset Evolution. I wasn’t a big fan of them, but the sound was pretty terrible. I’m not sure if it was an issue with Club Fever, the bands equipment, or just not knowing the songs.

Then Fight or Flight took the stage.  In all honesty, I am not a big fan of the album.  It’s not terrible, just not the kind of music I generally listen to.  I tend to skew toward the heavier bands like Machine Head, Fear Factory, Five Finger Death Punch.  So, a nu metal/rock n roll band just didn’t capture my interest.

That was until they played a couple of cover songs.  First was a cover of Tool’s ‘Sober’ and they were spot on.  It sounded amazing.  After a couple more tracks I wasn’t terribly interested in, they played a cover of Alice in Chains ‘Man in the Box’.  Once again, they were spot on.  I was extremely impressed with the quality of the covers, so kudos to the guys for rockin’ ’em out.

One thing that surprised me about the show was the lack of people there. It was not packed, by any means.  It made the show a little bit more intimate, which was nice, but I certainly expected more people in the crowd.  The local radio station had been pushing it pretty heavily and it was a cheap $5 show.  Not only that, but a band with members from Disturbed and Evans Blue should have drawn more people.

Overall, they put on a pretty good show for a genre of rock n roll I typically don’t like.  Dan Chandler was a super nice dude, and the small venue with the small crowd made it a nice concert to attend without all the bs that sometimes comes with a bigger show.

Head over to to see the full gallery of photos.  While you’re there, like the page!



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